Northwich Running Club

Snowdon Trail Marathon

Up at dawn, porridge and fruit,
All my gear lobbed in the boot,
Pick up the gang to fill the car,
A hill in Wales,
it's not that far,
An hour and a half we're at the line,
No rain forecast,
the weather is fine,
A late banana we're off on a climb,
Aim to win it's reality time,
The hill's a mountain,
this is tough,
No comfy foothold,
terrain is dog rough,
Up and down 2 miles to the finish,
Feeling it now,
it's over I wish,
Cross the line to a cheer and a gong,
Relax if I could but my stomach feels wrong,
Lactic thighs and can't feel my feet,
But it's over now the trail is beat,
Was it worth it,
I love it it's true,
Because we run - it's what we do.